21 Best Jobs for Misanthropes and Introverts

best jobs for misanthropes and introverts

Whether you self-identify as a misanthrope or an introvert we all need jobs. In my research for this article, I have found many jobs that would be a good fit for either of these personality types and some that would not.

To be clear a misanthrope and an introvert are not the same thing, they are also not mutually exclusive you can be either or both. Meaning one can be an extroverted misanthrope. 

Where a misanthrope dislikes being around people and tends to avoid all social interactions, an introvert would prefer spending time with a few close friends and avoiding large crowds. The good news is that there are jobs that can fit both personality types where your skills can be an asset in a position that is the right fit. While there are many jobs that both misanthropes and introverts could do successfully there are definitely a few that would be a better fit for either type of person.

Famous Misanthropes

In general, most misanthropes tend to not stand out in society so buy in large they go unnoticed, but there are a few exceptions. Most notably, Oscar Wilde, Patricia Highsmith, and Franz Kafka, all were writers, which tends to be a solitary endeavor. Misanthropy is frequently portrayed in fiction through characters like Ebenezer Scrooge the Grinch and Rabbit from the Winnie the Pooh stories.

Famous Introverts

Introverts, for the most part, do not have problems interacting with everyday society and in fact, many famous people consider themselves introverts. These well-known intellects like Albert Einstein Bill Gates, and Elon Musk. There are also many famous actors like Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, Audrey Hepburn just to name a few.

Here is a list of the 21 best jobs for misanthropes and or introverts:

Each of the careers listed can require little to no interactions with people, which could be a perfect fit for those that enjoy or prefer alone time. Many offer some flexibility and control over how you work and where you work. 

Best Jobs for Introverts 


Average Salary : $61,703

Writers spend hours alone working on everything from books to copywriting for websites and blogs. A good writer is a creative thinker that loves to learn and has an eye for detail. Some writers have a degree in journalism, but many people become writers by practicing their craft and taking opportunities as they arise. If you have a passion for reading you could find a similar passion for writing. 

Art Curator 

Average Salary : $79,637

If you enjoy spending hours in museums or walking through local art festivals by yourself, a position as an art curator may be a great fit. Curators spend their days collecting art and taking care of exhibits and displays. Curators often have a degree in an art or history-related field. 

This job is not to be confused with a Docent whose job is to guide visitors through the exhibits. 

Landscape Designer

Average Salary : $57,412

If you enjoy the outdoors and don’t mind a little hard work and dirt becoming a Landscape Designer could be an excellent fit. Whether for yourself or for a company you will typically find yourself working alone or only with a small crew of helpers. Projects can range from private homes to large businesses and city projects. Some designers have a degree in landscape design, while others are self-taught or learn through experience. 


Average Salary : $46,009

Are you fluent in multiple languages? As a translator, you can work individually with one person or even specialize in translating documents alone in your home. Becoming a translator can also be a great catalyst to a life of travel if that is of interest to you. Many translators do not have a degree and secure contracts by providing quality translations. 


Average Salary : $55,908

Many introverts would rather spend their time alone in the world of books than in a busy workspace. Libraries are ideal for people who want to avoid the social requirement for small talk and share their love of authors and series with visiting patrons. Many librarians obtain master’s degrees in library sciences or education. 

Graphic Designer

Average Salary : $49,777

As a graphic designer, you can work on a variety of projects such as websites and marketing materials. Mini graphic designers have the option to work alone as remote employees or freelancers or for a company that can assign you projects. While some designers obtain degrees, others are self-taught. Websites like Udemy and LinkedIn Learning provide courses and training from the comfort of your own home.  

Park Ranger

Average Salary : $35,673

Park rangers spend their days protecting national and local parks and discussing the park with other enthusiastic visitors. Even though the positions are often hard to come by, it would be well worth the extra time and effort to obtain a job that you love. Most parks require the applicant to have a bachelor’s degree. 

Best Jobs for Misanthropes

Night-Time Security Guard

Average Salary : $48,717

Night-time security guards can sometimes go an entire shift without seeing another human being. While some people find this a detractor from the position, others may view it as a perk! Night shift security guards often have no degree and usually are trained and on the job in less than a week. 

Environmental Scientist

Average Salary : $68,308

If you are looking to spend your days in seclusion, becoming a research scientist could be a great fit! Often they travel to some of the most remote areas to collect essential data and protect the environment. Environmental scientists have almost always received at least a bachelor’s degree, but often a master’s degree to get promoted. 


Average Salary : $27,695

Even though you may be required to be in a kitchen with other people, you are there for one purpose only: to wash dishes. This job is often in high demand and is most likely available locally. In many restaurants, it is often quite a busy job, resulting in fewer chances for small talk and also makes the time go by quickly. Dishwashers require no formal training. 

Overnight Stocker

Average Salary : $54,557

If you are a night owl, a job as an overnight stocker could be a great career. Stockers usually work in grocery stores outside of business hours to stock shelves and organize products. It’s also not unusual for the overnight shift to get paid more than the day shift. Stockers require no formal training. 

Long Haul Trucker

Average Salary : $74,793

Long haul drivers are gone an average of 4-6 weeks per contract and spend their days on the open road. They can travel and see the United States, all from the comfort of their truck cab. Truckers need to obtain at least a CDL license, with some drivers receiving HAZMAT certifications

Data Entry Clerk

Average Salary: $33,529

Data entry clerks often work from home with their laptops. Data entry requires a very detail-oriented person with fast typing skills. If you enjoy working with numbers and have a high typing speed, this may be a great career that you can complete from anywhere. Many data entry positions require a high school diploma or GED. 


Average Salary : $56,352

Even if you are not ready to start selling your pieces just yet, you can always work as an illustrator or animator to hone your skills. Artists are required for a variety of businesses and often can work from an at-home studio. Depending on what type of art you are interested in pursuing, you may or may not need to receive formal training. 

Best Jobs for Either Introverts or Misanthropes


Average Salary : $63,515

Being an archivist is the dream job of history lovers everywhere! In this role, you will protect and share documents, records, and photos and work anywhere that requires recordkeeping, such as museums, libraries, government organizations, and schools. Many archivists have at least a bachelor’s degree in history or library science. 

Pet Sitter

Average Salary : $36,615

Reliable pet sitters are always in high demand and no longer are required to work at a shelter or boarding facility. With apps like Rover and Wag!, you can get started as a pet sitter or dog walker from your own home. Pet sitters do not need formal training, but animal first aid may help put both you and your clients at ease. 


Average Salary : $44,675

Being a mechanic is a great way to do what you love without working with many people. The job can be very strenuous, but well worth it if you enjoy spending time working on cars. Although a degree is not required, many trade schools offer a valuable set of training and skills. Mechanics can often start with limited experience and no certifications at an oil change or tire garage or by getting hired to do just oil changes and tire rotations at a higher volume full-service shop.

Grocery Delivery

Average Salary: $69.915

Organizational skills are essential when working for companies such as Instacart or Shipt. Most of your time will be spent alone in the car or walking the aisles of the grocery store. This job does have some customer service requirements, but most are through an app rather than face to face. Since you will be delivering the product, a reliable mode of transportation is a must! 


Average Salary : $41,826

There are many types of photography out there that involve very little human interaction, including those focusing on nature, travel, product marketing, and real estate. Although professional photographers often have formal training, many photographers are hired based on their experience and portfolios. 

Newspaper Delivery

Average Salary : $33,601

Those looking to escape the busy workplace environment can be an excellent fit for a morning newspaper route. This job entails driving a specific route and delivering papers to the local subscribers. Some routes begin as early as 1:00 AM, making sure to start your day off with peace and quiet. Newspaper delivery personnel have no formal training other than a driver’s license. 

Sanitation Worker

Average Salary: $45,364

Although it is a physical job, most of the time you will only be working with 1-2 other people. When considering a position as a sanitation worker, be prepared to lift heavy objects and minimally interact with customers. Most hires are required to have a high school diploma and complete on-the-job training. 

By Bryan Greene