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Bryan “BG” Greene

As a 20-year veteran of the same company, I have watched it grow from a small local distributor for small businesses to now 20 years later to be one of the leading suppliers and innovators in the hospitality and wellness industry with multiple Fortune 500 Clients worldwide.

As a small fast growing company I had the opportunity to wear many hats and develop the many skills I would need to handle the new and interesting challenges that had to be overcome every day. Of those many skills, the ones I have found most useful are Research and Problem Solving. 

It also helps if you’re a bit of an Information Junkie who enjoys helping people, collecting new skills, and trying new things. LearnJobSkills.com has allowed me to put my years of business experience to use in a unique way while learning new and exciting skills in website development and graphic design. As the editor, designer, and builder of the site I hope you find the information here interesting, helpful, and actionable.

My hope is that you will find this site worthwhile, if you do, please consider sharing.

Thank you 

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