Mind mapping Courses

What’s a mind map? A mind map is a type of diagram created to help organize information around one central idea. it is often used as an effective tool for brainstorming and mapping out a given task or problem.

This technique is also great to use when taking notes or organizing your thoughts. The courses I have chosen below are both highly rated well-reviewed and will teach you how to use Mind Maps as a tool for brainstorming, planning, and organizing. It is perfect for those looking to advance their careers or help organize their job search.

Mind Mapping Mastery – Effective Mind Maps – Step by Step

Mind Mapping – SMART Productivity and Memory Tool: Think Clearly, Organise, & Plan better; Study, Learn, & Recall Faster
Bestseller Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (3,557 ratings) 30,988 students

mind mapping mastery

Complete Mind Mapping Course: Beginner to Advanced Technique

Learn to Quickly Organize Your Thinking, Visualize Your Thoughts, & Understanding Information Faster
Rating: 4.3 out of 5 (143 ratings) 1,727 students

Complete Mind Mapping Course