About LearnJobSkills.com

Why learn New Job Skills

Have you ever had this problem? You want to learn something new about a topic but don’t know where to start Maybe your boss is starting to rely on you to complete tasks that may require additional knowledge you do not yet possess, or your current job is becoming a bit dull and you’re ready to start looking for something better.

Knowledge or the absence thereof is the single most limiting factor determining your ability to achieve your goals in life. Learning a new skill opens doors to possibilities you were not able to conceive of before gaining that knowledge or skill set. Learning is the key to success, PERIOD!

As a lifelong learner (aka Information Junkie) I am always searching for new and interesting knowledge that can increase my Skills to solve problems or challenges, that can also boost my productivity and save on time and resources (aka money).

The newest of these “Skills” has been learning to design and build websites. When I began searching for information on the different methods and techniques for website development it was kind of like being hit in the face with a fire hose, there is so much information available on this and so many other side topics it’s easy to get lost.

Since the early days before Google took over YouTube the platform was a place for everyday people to share their knowledge and insight on an almost infinite number of topics, tricks and tasks. Nowadays YouTube has become a vast reservoir of knowledge but it was also turned into a marketing tool for advertisers and A cash cow for Google who shares those revenues with its content creators.

This has had the unfortunate side effect of creators creating content specifically to increase the number of views a video gets to increase their profits without regard to accuracy or usefulness.

I believe as a result of that fire hose of information, online learning sites like Udemy, Skillshare and Coursera have become more and more popular as a reliable source of targeted, relevant and useful knowledge. 

Using the video format made popular by YouTube these platforms and many others have organized the process of online learning into a format that is effective, efficient and invaluable at helping you achieve your knowledge goals. In other words, they’ve turned that fire hose into a fountain of knowledge.

This is where I hope LearnJobSkills.com can help. There are hundreds of online learning sites dedicated to almost any topic you can imagine and our mission is to help connect you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Bryan Greene