33 best jobs for lazy people that pay well (2024)

33 lazy jobs

First, let’s be clear I do not think lazy people are stupid or even necessarily lazy. I believe the vast majority of people want to have a purpose, but that purpose doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work hard to achieve it. In fact, you could think of people that self-identify as lazy as having a certain intelligence that allows them to accomplish more work using less physical energy.  For this very reason, there are high paying lazy jobs that reward people for their relevant skills. Find the perfect job for a lazy person.

For instance, let’s take the often maligned job of Ditch Digger; this job requires a lot of heavy lifting and physical energy but very little mental energy. This would definitely not be a job for a lazy person. But if you want to make money without putting in a lot of physical work, it’s hard to know where to look.

Here are 33 of the best jobs for lazy people that pay well in 2024:

Let’s dive in and explore the many easy high paying jobs out there for Those that self-identify as lazy. 

#1. Survey Taker 

This job won’t make you tons of money, but it’s one of the most straightforward jobs out there. The best thing is that anyone can earn money while reviewing new products and offering your personal opinion. Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey takers, but there are thousands of sites out there.

#2. Data Entry

Again, nobody’s getting rich from data entry. But it’s a lazy person’s dream—just input information from forms, documents, or bank statements into a spreadsheet. If you’re looking for data entry jobs, just plug “data entry” into a site like Monster or Glassdoor.

#3. Mystery Shopper

It can be hard to find consistent work in this job, but mystery shoppers have a pretty good gig for workers who don’t want to put too much effort. Simply shop at a store you love and report back on things like their presentation and customer service

#4. Dog Walker

While not precisely a low-energy job, it is definitely a low-stress job. Dog Walking jobs are simple and straightforward and an excellent job for those who want a little movement in their life. If you find the right family, walking other people’s dogs can be relaxing and lucrative. Dozens of apps will connect you to people that need a dog walker, including Rover and Wag!

#5. House Sitter

House sitting is possibly even more effortless than dog walking. Just show up, get instructions from the owner, and follow them carefully. Most of the time, home care duties will only take up an hour or so. It’s easy to become a luxury house sitter using a service like MindMyHouse or Nomador.

#6. Receptionist

Depending on where you work, this might not be a job for lazy people at all. But at small local businesses or slow-moving locations, receptionist jobs are frequently easy and slow-moving jobs. 

#7. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can be as low-pressure as you want. Just apply for exactly how much work you need on websites like ProBlogger. There’s plenty of writing jobs out there, but also plenty of writers, so you might need to apply aggressively before snagging a job.

#8. Tutor

Tutoring isn’t nearly as difficult as teaching. Usually, you’re just going over materials that the students have gone over before, and you always get an answer sheet. Look at Care.com for tutoring jobs near you.

#9. Babysitter

Babysitting is an easy job for people who love kids. The great thing about the Internet is that you don’t have to babysit your neighbors’ toddlers if you don’t like toddlers. Sites like Care.com and Sittercity will let you view descriptions of the job and connect you to parents.

#10. Transcriber

Organizations like Home Owner Associations and other groups that meet often need someone to transcribe their meetings for them. Detailed notes aren’t usually required, so you only need to pay a bit of attention.

#11. Translator

This is the perfect job; if you grew up in a household that speaks a second language and wants to get paid to listen to people, talk, translating is an easy job. Apply for jobs at court hearings and other official settings where someone who speaks another language might need to be clearly understood.

#12. Security Guard

While this job does require some upfront training, especially for Armed Guards, once you’re on the job, your primary duty is to just keep an eye on the area you are assigned to and report anything out of the ordinary. These are typically full-time jobs that require minimal effort and pay good money. Security Guards work in a lot of different places, including trucking companies, warehouses, and factories. Armed Guards are needed at Banks, Armored Car companies, Pharmaceutical companies, and state and federal facilities.  

#13. Court Reporter

Believe it or not, being a court reporter is easy if you have the proper training and credentials. The problem is getting that training and certifications.

To be a court reporter, you need to go through a two-year program, which will run you a fair amount of money. Once you do that, though, court reporters make a fair amount of money each year. Here’s a list of NCRA-Approved programs.

#14. Movie Extra

It’s not glamorous, but it’s exciting, easy, pays extremely well, and requires no work experience! All you have to do to be an extra in a movie is stand back and pretend you’re just a regular person or part of a crowd while the movie stars play their part. Visit websites like Extras Access to look for jobs.

#15. Specialty Vlogger

Vlogging is a saturated market; everyone wants to be on YouTube. If you’re going to make money without competing with the YouTube mega-stars, consider being a specialty vlogger instead.

Think about things that you have expertise in, like a hobby or a specific skill you have, and start recording informational videos based on those things. Once you have established even a small audience, you can reach out to product and service providers directly or through an affiliate platform to make recommendations and receive commissions through affiliate links.

#16. Event Planner

As an event planner, you will coordinate all of the details for a given event; these include weddings, conventions, corporate events, family gatherings, large parties, and celebrations. While not required, some initial training is highly recommended; there are also several software products available to do a lot of the work for you. 

#17. Voice Actor

Have people always told you that you had a voice for the radio? Put that voice to use by finding voice acting work. It’s all the fun of acting without any of the physically exhausting stuff like running and looking pretty.

#18. Study Participant

It may not be hard work, but people participating in studies are crucial to scientific advancement to keep making new life-saving drugs or medical devices. If you want to feel like you’re saving the world without breaking a sweat, sign up to participate in clinical trials. For instance, as a test subject, a sleep study participant would get paid to sleep while making extra money.

#19. Investor

This one is not for the uninitiated and does require some upfront capital, but as more people realize the passive income potential in investing. If you’re interested in investing as a source of income, consider taking some classes and learning the different strategies around making money in the market or seeing the services of a financial advisor.

#20. Food Critic

Nowadays, food critics can be found in several different corners of the Internet, from serious sites like the New York Times to amateur reviewers on YouTube. You can make money no matter what platform you’re reviewing for! 

Just go out to all your favorite restaurants, record your impressions, and make sure that you monetize your content.

#21. Video Game Tester

Yes, video game companies hire gamers just to test out video games and provide them with valuable feedback. It’s an important job and makes sure that broken games aren’t sold to people. Companies like Nintendo will post listings for game testers, but you can also look on job boards.

#22. Truck Driver

Depending on how you feel about driving, this might not be a lazy job. But according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics full time truck drivers make an average salary of $48,710. If you think driving around America sounds romantic and relaxing, consider driving a truck for a living.

#23. Rideshare Driver

If you love driving but don’t like the idea of driving thousands of miles across the country regularly, companies like Uber and Lyft allow you to use your car as a taxi. You might have to interact with many people, but you won’t have to walk around or think too hard.

#24. Closed Caption Writer

This is a little more demanding than being a transcriber, but if you’re a speedy typist, you may find writing closed captions easy and fun. Look for these jobs on sites like Rev.

#25. Photographer or Videographer

If photography is a hobby for you, you’ll be happy to know that there are always people out there who want to be photographed and will pay you to do it. Tell all your friends that you want to shoot their weddings, graduations, and birthday parties at a discounted price!

There are also several stock photo sites where you can upload your images and get paid whenever somebody downloads one. 

#26. Fortune Cookie Writer

This one is fun and straightforward, so it’s no surprise that there’s plenty of competition for very few positions in the industry. However, if you build your freelance writing resume, you might have an easier time getting a job. And in the meantime, practice writing fortunes!

#27. Feng Shui Consultant

Feng shui is the Chinese art of arranging an environment to create harmony within the individuals who live there. If you happen to know a bit about feng shui, you can advertise your services to people who want to make their homes a bit homier.

#28. Psychic

This is a job that only the spiritually gifted will want to take on, but being a phone psychic can result in lots of extra cash for people in tune with the universe. Believe it or not, job websites will list these on their sites, too.

#29. Tarot Reader

Also, for the spiritually gifted, psychic readings aren’t the only way to make money off your clairvoyant gifts. If you like to use tarot cards to make sense of your own life, consider sharing your gifts with other people. Setting up a tarot reading business is simple and doesn’t require many overhead costs.

#30. Personal Stylist

For some, getting into their work clothes every day is torture. For others, it’s the best part of their day! If you want to make this moment the most essential aspect of your career, consider hiring yourself out as a personal stylist.

Careful not to offer your services to anyone who doesn’t ask for it, though!

#31 Life or Fitness Coach

Have you overcome a substantial personal obstacle, such as mental illness or severe obesity? You can always offer your services as a consultant to help other people change their life in the same way.

You don’t need any qualifications just to offer advice, and sometimes, a non-professional’s perspective and empathy are just what people need.

#32. Proofreader

Sometimes, people just need to pay someone else to take a quick second look at something for errors. If you have an excellent nose for typos and love to read a wide variety of materials, try out proofreading!

#33. Room Inspector

If you love hotels but don’t want to deal with customers at the front desk, a hotel room inspector simply checks out rooms after guests have checked out or if they have any complaints and then provides a detailed report to housekeeping. You might run into some grimy messes, but you won’t have to clean them up. 

By Bryan Greene